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Let Us Take Your Tire Storage Headaches Away


Hate handling dirty tires? Don't have the space for your seasonal tires? Tire Hotel is the answer!

Tire Hotel is your full-service tire storage solution! We offer our customers safe and secure storage and delivery of their seasonal tires. Proper storage is key to maintaining the integrity of your tires, which is why the Tire Hotel is dedicated to providing your family with peace of mind, and helping take your tire storage headaches away!

We offer our customers:

  • Fully insured/secure and climate controlled warehouse facilities.
  • Next day pick-up and delivery.
  • Freedom from heavy lifting and handling of dirty tires.
  • Increased space in their homes and garages.
  • Complete tire analysis to assess the condition of their tires.
  • First in line status for seasonal tire changes.

Experience the Tire Hotel difference. Check your off-season tires into the Tire Hotel today by contacting one of our dealers!

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